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Its all about the story...

My Life

Welcome, my name is Dotty and I live on a remote Scottish island on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. I have lived, worked and raised my family here since 1998. I originate from mainland Scotland.

I'm a busy working mum with two grown up sons and spend my time creating and exploring  outside of my full time job . 

I believe we should live now as we are in this moment and squeeze all the joy out of life. 


My Island

The Outer Hebrides is a collection of islands just of the far North West coast of Scotland. Its an incredible place to live in. Its wild, wet, windy, sunny and warm all in one day. Regardless of the weather it remains consistently beautiful and wild and is a place you can truly breathe and be grateful for the life you have.


My Art

As a self taught artist my creativity is driven by the ever-changing colours, weather and light across the island.


The sea is especially important to my connection with art.. I am captured by the colours of the sea . Deep and vibrant blues and  greens are my favourite.


I am drawn to seascapes and abstract styles in particular using acrylic and mixed media. on canvas..

I'm also passionate about combing the beaches up and down my islands to find the most beautiful colourful and unique pieces of sea glass. which I sometimes incorporate in my work. All worn and polished from years and years of being rolled and tumbled about in our clear turquoise green sea.

I continue to grow and develop in my art discovering  new approaches to capturing life around me.. It's all about the story coming to life in a piece of art that speaks to us. 

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love creating it !

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